The current collar version is version 3.94
Collar Help ::
Barbed Hearts
Black Latex
Cabled Gold
Gold and Silver Rings
Home Stone
Laced Ruby
Leashed Rubys
Leather Bound
Spiked Gold
Trouble Tickets ::

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Collar Features ::
  • Menu button Collar Interface
  • Web Based Collar Controls
  • .command Based Collar Controls
  • .dot, initials or name as command prefix
  • BDSM Kneeling Poses
  • BDSM Display Poses
  • Create new Couples Animations
  • 60 Good Quality Poses
  • Mood System (Show your current mood)
  • Automatic Emotions (Reacts to your chat and animates you)
  • Advanced Text Titler (Display text over the slave's head)
  • Advanced Leashing System (with force tp)
  • Stack Multiple Commands (.look at me and come here and kneel)
  • Can Learn New Commands in any language
  • Restrained Life Compatible (Advanced RLV and Relay)
  • Built In Bondage System (Includes Cuffs)
  • Advanced Cage
  • Advanced Monitoring - Including:
    • Chat Monitoring
    • Sensor System (See who is near the slave)
    • Teleport Notification
    • Teleport Logging
    • Sim TP Watching, Warning and Ban
    • Full #RLV folder Access and Control
  • Built in and synchronized Animation Overrider (AO)
  • Commercial Grade AO Sets
  • Free Lifetime Updates
Nova Collar